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Welcome to I'm Lindsay, and this is my site. I'm 28, I attended Western Michigan University for a major in Anthropology and a minor in theatre, and I'm a restaurant manager. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and (even though I didn't grow up there) I consider myself as most recently from Kalamazoo, Michigan (yes, there really is a Kalamazoo). I've moved around quite a bit for work, and I'm never sure where my next set of adventures will take me!

In the past and present I've been an actress, a Phantom of the Opera obsessive, a director, a Hellenist, a member of the recently coined "cocktail culture", and much, much more. Through this website you'll discover a bit of me, and hopefully learn something new in the process. After all, what good is life if you're not constantly learning something new about yourself or the world you live in?

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