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Tarot professional.  Abortion and pregnancy loss doula. End of life doula.

About Lindsay

Lindsay (she/her) comes from a hospitality and beverage career background and lives in the Cincinnati/NKY area (#ditchmitch) with her partner of nearly 20 years/husband of over a decade and their super sassy senior kitty, Molly Bloom.  If you ask her what she’s drinking it’s probably one of her favorite loose-leaf teas.  She is also a full-spectrum doula specializing in abortion and pregnancy loss, and an end of life/death doula.  Her callings fall around the transitions of life, and she has lived through many herself.  With all that 2020 and COVID-19 has brought into our lives, she is working to move her way out of the hospitality field in order to better serve her callings as she moves into this next stage of her life.  Xennial. Ultra-introvert. Hellenic Polytheist.  Witch.  Super awkward.

Lindsay started this site as a vanity page in college named after her complete obsession with everything Phantom of the Opera.  She didn’t want to get rid of it, but she also didn’t want it collecting web-dust and realized the name could work well for the work she’s doing now.

Tarot Work.  Lindsay has been reading tarot since she was a teenager and recently decided to take her work from exclusively friends and family to a professional level and to build the insights and archetypes of the cards into additional coaching-styled services.  Her first non-read style offering will center around the Death card and identifying where things are ending in our lives and how we can move through those transitions into transformation and new beginnings.

Doula Work.  Lindsay has volunteered in the Cincinnati area as an abortion doula since 2018.  She has attended over 100 surgical abortion procedures and held space with hundreds of other pregnant people before and after their abortions.  She is also currently working through End of Life Doula certification with the Doulagivers Institute to offer services in end of life planning and in patient and family support for those actively going through the death and dying process, and she will have related services available in the near future.  She very much looks forward to hosting Death Cafes and End of Life Planning workshops for those within her online and real-world communities.

Contact Lindsay

If you have any questions about the services offered, please reach out!

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